Dr. Sunil Samnani

Internal Medicine
University of Calgary

I did medical school in Pakistan before I made the life-changing move to Canada in 2016. I am very fortunate to be part of the Internal Medicine residency program at the prestigious University of Calgary. I consider myself incredibly privileged to be part of such a vibrant learning environment. Outside of the medical world, I find my greatest joy in being a husband and a father to three amazing children. Every moment spent with my family is a cherished one.
Beyond my professional pursuits, I have an adventurous spirit that leads me to explore different cuisines and seek out exciting nature experiences. I’m always up for a new culinary adventure! 
I am pursuing my interest in Gastroenterology. I owe so much of my progress to the exceptional mentors and colleagues who have supported and guided me along the way.

Colleagues shared this about  Dr. Samnani:

"Dr. Sunil Samnani is an incredible doctor, colleague and human being. Despite the heavy clinical workload on the internal medicine ward, Sunil always has a smile and kind words to share that uplift those around him. His dedication to patient care and collegiality are impressive and inspire the rest of us to step up our game.

Sunil’s extensive life and work experience shine through. Working in Pakistan as a medical intern and surgical trainee, in addition to clinical assistant roles at the Alberta Children’s Hospital has given him unique perspectives on health systems. The University of Calgary is very lucky to have him as an Internal Medicine trainee.

Sunil gives back to his colleagues by serving on the PARA Assembly and contributing to the Equity Diversity and Inclusivity Committee. Additionally, his advocacy for and support for his international medical graduate colleagues has made a positive impact on many. He is an asset to any team he joins.

Sunil’s ability to balance work, family and a remarkable research career is inspirational. Sunil continues to publish in many peer reviewed journals (often as first author!) even during heavy clinical rotations in residency. Somehow he manages to maintain a bright positive attitude and sense of humour despite all the competing pressures of resident life. Outside of residency life he is a dedicated father of three and enjoys the amenities Calgary has to offer. It is with delight that I am honored to nominate Sunil Samnani for Resident Physician of the month!"

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