Dr. Laura Soong

University of Alberta

I am originally from central interior British Columbia and did my Undergraduate studies in Prince George, BC. I then moved to Alberta to pursue a career in pharmacy, followed by medicine at the University of Alberta.I was blessed with the opportunity to pursue training in Dermatology and am currently in my last year of training!
In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my husband, watching baking shows, and taking my two dogs for walks. Once I am done residency training, I have hopes of learning to play the piano and spending a bit more time travelling.

A colleague had this to say about Dr. Soong: 

Dr. Soong has exhibited tremendous leadership, kindness, and compassion to her colleagues this past year. She is serving as our chief resident physician and has undertaken tasks and responsibilities that are usually shared by two or three people. She is always available to answer questions pertaining to general dermatology knowledge or offer advice and guidance. She has even gone out of her way to organize an educational session on her own time for the R1 and R2s of our program. Here is what a few others had to share about Dr. Song:
“Laura has been the best mentor and friend for all my years of residency training. She never hesitates to help a friend out and continues to be the best resident physician in our program. She continues to balance being a busy resident physician, being there for her husband and two dogs, helping run a photography business. Then on top of it she was our chief resident physician this year and knocked it out of the park, advocating for resident physicians and ensuring our teaching sessions were top notch. No one deserves this award more.”

“Laura is a phenomenal co-resident physician and chief resident. She goes above and beyond for her patients and co-resident physicians in everything that she does. She responds to anyone’s needs and is the first to offer help when people need it. Our program’s academic half day has been 100% organized by her with high yield lectures and learning resources. My education AND mental health are better because she is my chief resident physican and friend. She is an invaluable part of our program.”

“Laura was an excellent Chief Resident. She is hard working, diligent and kind. She worked tirelessly to organize our clinic schedules, call shift changes and academic half days for our cohort this year. She did an excellent job and has the respect and admiration of her peers and the staff. She is very well deserving of this award.” 

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