Dr. Sarah Almas

Dr. Sarah Almas, Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
University of Alberta

"I have done all of my schooling in Edmonton, including my undergraduate and medical school degrees at the University of Alberta. I have had an amazing year working with my colleagues and am so grateful to them for nominating me for this award. Embarking on this residency journey wouldn’t have been possible without all of their support and that of my mentors and family. Outside of work, I love to stay active. I enjoy various fitness classes, from bungee fitness to anti-gravity yoga, hiking, travelling, baking, and playing wallyball with my friends and family. I look forward to what the rest of this chapter has in store for me and those who have helped me get to where I am today."

A colleague shared this about Dr. Almas:

"Sarah seamlessly juggles the demanding role of a surgical resident with an inspiring commitment to personal well-being and community involvement. Despite the grueling hours inherent in her profession, Sarah continues to carve out time for her colleagues, friends and the community. Within residency, she has embodied a "patient-first” approach and will always go the extra mile to ensure her patients are well cared for. On many occasions, I have seen her go above and beyond to help medical students, co-residents and attendings. Even small tasks such as stopping to help strangers in the hospital navigate their way to an unfamiliar ward for a loved one is something that Sarah does constantly. Beyond the hospital, Sarah channels her energy into maintaining a robust physical health regimen, regularly engaging in wallyball and gym sessions (including barre, spin and weights). Her dedication to personal fitness not only underscores her commitment to a healthy lifestyle, but also sets an example for her peers. Sarah’s passion for humanitarian causes is evident through her active advocacy efforts. As a procedural representative on the PARA Assembly, she utilizes her platform to champion initiatives that contribute to the greater good of society. Simultaneously, she takes the initiative in organizing cooking classes for her friends and colleagues, fostering a sense of community and well-being outside the hospital walls. She reminds us all how to utilize all of the wellness resources we have access to and routinely even sends us reminders or emails on PARA initiatives.

Despite the myriad responsibilities, Sarah excels as a resident physician, proving that a life well-balanced is not only achievable but enhances professional performance. Her multifaceted approach to life serves as an inspiration, showcasing that one can excel in a demanding career while actively contributing to personal, community and global well-being."

Resident Physician of the Month

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