Dr. Conley Kriegler

Radiation Oncology 
University of Alberta

I am from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and completed my medical degree at the University of Saskatchewan. I moved to Edmonton in 2021 to join the AMAZING U of A Radiation Oncology program and have since fallen in love with the city. My interests at work include mentorship and improvements to post-graduate and undergraduate medical education and on the side I like to cook, run, and play spikeball and ultimate frisbee. I also like to lose my voice at the occasional concert or karaoke night.

A colleague shared this about  Dr. Kriegler

"Conley is currently a PGY 2 in our radiation oncology residency program. Early on, Conley found a way in residency to make a difference in the culture of our program. He is the first in his office and the last one out each day. He plans weekly wellness activities for the resident physician group each week; as a PGY 5 resident physician who is preparing for my Royal College exams and prone to anxiety, this has helped me gain some reprieve from my stress, which I have struggled with lifelong. Conley has also created a formalized lecture series for junior resident physicians in our program to help teach some of the topics that are not well understood or taught. Finally, he volunteers his time to have a designated half day to teach incoming elective medical student cohorts more about radiation oncology; this half day for each cohort means that he has to make up this lost time after hours to catch up on any work that he missed. As Chief Resident, I appreciate his contribution to our resident physician culture and his ’other people first’ attitude.

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