As per Article 23.08 in the Agreement:

Where resident physicians in a program desire to have flexibility to schedule themselves outside the limitations of this Agreement, while ensuring that appropriate patient care coverage is maintained, the following process must be followed:

  1. Initiated by resident physicians, a request for an alternative scheduling system is sent to PARA in the form of a letter of understanding (LOU) signed by the Chief Resident Physician(s) and supported by the Program Director.
  2. PARA will review the LOU to ensure that the request improves both Resident Physician well-being and patient care.
  3. If PARA approves the LOU, then PARA will forward the request to the appropriate Associate Dean and AHS for their approval or denial.
  4. Once all parties have approved the alternative scheduling system, the LOU will be in force for the current Academic Year. Renewal of the LOU must be done on an annual basis.
  5. If there are no changes to the proposed alternative scheduling, then the renewal of an LOU requires only PARA approval. PARA will inform the appropriate Associate Dean and AHS of the renewal, amendment or discontinuance of the previous LOU.

If you would like to view an LOU or would like to organize one for your program, please contact Robin Raworth.

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