Awards of Excellence

PARA Awards of Excellence recognize those who have made positive impacts in their field. Awards are given annually. 

Resident Physician Mentorship & Teaching Award 

This award recognizes resident physicians who have demonstrated excellence in resident & medical student mentorship and teaching. One resident physician from the University of Calgary and one resident physician from the University of Alberta will each be awarded a prize of $250 annually. 

DEADLINE: December 15 of each year 

To nominate a resident physician, fill out the  Resident Physician Mentorship & Teaching Award Form

Clinical Teaching Award 

PARA recognizes and celebrates physician preceptors who have shown excellence in resident physician education. Each year, the Clinical Teaching Award is given to a preceptor based in Calgary, Edmonton and a rural site.

PARA awards a $750 donation to the charity of choice for each of the Clinical Teaching Award recipients. 

DEADLINE: March 31 of each year 

To nominate a preceptor, fill out the  Clinical Teaching Award Form

Well-Being Award

As resident physician well-being is an important issue and one of PARA’s strategic priorities, the Association recognizes outstanding contributions made in this area by a physician based in Calgary, Edmonton and a rural site. 

PARA awards a $750 donation to the charity of choice for each of the PARA Well-Being Award recipients. Awarded annually.

DEADLINE: March 31 of each year

To nominate a physician fill out the   Well-Being Award Form

Interdisciplinary Teamwork Award

This award was established to recognize our allied-health colleagues who value and exemplify a positive team-based approach and who advocate for healthy and caring work environments for all members of the team and our patients. Up to two awards are given annually. 

Award Eligibility: eligible recipients include non-physician colleagues or volunteers who are committed to both enhancing team-based care and the environment where care is provided. Nominees should demonstrate an ability to work positively and productively in a team-centered environment and demonstrate recognition of the challenges associated with extended work shifts or other resident specific circumstances. Awarded annually. 

DEADLINE: April 30 of each year. 

To nominate an allied-health colleague fill out the  Interdisciplinary Teamwork Award Form

Informed, Empowered, Involved

Informed about our patients’ health and innovations in medicine. Empowered to create healthy professional working and learning environments. Involved in shaping the future of health care delivery in Alberta.