Wellness Activities

PARA is committed to providing opportunities to facilitate resident physician wellness. This includes hosting wellness events and sharing wellness-related research and initiatives from our partners.

All PARA-sponsored events are offered free of charge to our members and guests (and families where appropriate). See below for current and past activities.

Current Activities

Comfort Food

In December we’re asking for your favourite comfort food photos and recipes. Foods that feel cozy and bring comfort that are perfect for a night in and that help fortify you through the long cold months. Maybe it’s a recipe for a stew that fills the home with rich aromas, a favourite latke recipe for sharing with family and friends or a perfectly plump dumpling that nourishes belly and soul. 

Send your favourite comfort food recipe or photograph to Emma at emma.frieser@para-ab.ca before December 20, 2022 for a chance to win a $25 e-gift card for a local restaurant or food delivery service. Keep an eye on the PARA Instagram account where we will share photos and links to recipes throughout the month. 

* Each PARA member is eligible to win a monthly giveaway gift card a maximum of three times during the academic year to ensure as many members as possible are recipients.


Winter Traditions

Winter is often a time for friends, family and loved ones to gather together and enjoy each other’s company and share in traditions. Whether it’s cozying up for a movie night, playing board games, making a favourite food or celebrating one of the many winter festivals happening around the world we want to know all about it.
Send your favourite family/winter traditions (and photographs) to Emma at emma.frieser@para-ab.ca before December 20, 2022 for a chance to win a $25 e-gift card for a local restaurant or food delivery service.

*Each PARA member is eligible to win a monthly giveaway gift card a maximum of three times during the academic year to ensure as many members as possible are recipients.

PARA provided 100 $20 food vouchers for Skip the Dishes to help cover the cost of a meal for resident physicians working a busy shift, overnight call or just having a rough day. For resident physicians working in a region that without access to Skip the Dishes, PARA provided  meal reimbursement or gift cards.

Black History Month: To celebrate Black History Month we’re asking for you to share your favourite recipes, restaurants, books and inspirational quotes by black creators to be entered into a draw for a gift card.

Lunar New Year: Goodbye ox, hello tiger! February 1, is the Lunar New Year and we’d like to hear about your favourite traditions for celebrating. Let us know and you will be entered in a draw to win a gift card.

Small Victories: Getting a full eight hours of sleep, reconnecting over a meal, going for that run you’ve been putting off. It might seem like a small win but pausing to celebrate even the small victories—like making a home cooked meal as part of a wellness goal—reminds you that you’re making progress and that feels great.

For March PARA asked members to share their small victoriesto be entered into a draw for one of twenty $25 dollar gift certificates (10 Sidewalk Citizen Cafe for Calgary and 10 for the Duchess Bake Shop in Edmonton).

Food and Friends. This month PARA would like to help you connect with a resident physician colleague over a meal. We’ll be giving away 30 pairs of $25 gift cards, one for you and one for your colleague to share a meal and connect. In addition, we’ll be supporting local food banks by donating $5 for every entry we receive.
To enter the draw, as well as support a local food bank, send a short email to Emma Frieser with the name and email address of a resident physician colleague that you would like to share a meal with. Please email Emma before April 15, 2022. Winners will be chosen by random draw.

Snack Attack!
Throughout May, PARA offered grocery store gift cards (Safeway, Superstore, etc.) to help you purchase snacks for program teams, lounges or call rooms.

Movement Challenge.
PARA brought back the movement contest but this year included active transportation such as biking, skateboarding or rollerblading. The event will ran over three weeks from May 9- 29. Some great team and individual prizes were awarded for a variety of catagories.

Whether you are completing your last or first year, you’ve probably learnt some secrets that make life easier—even on those long call shifts. Maybe it’s a trick to skip the long line for an elevator, that secret spot on floor three where you can grab ten minutes of quiet, the vending machine with the healthiest snacks, a quick five minute workout or meditation that helps you refocus or even the best door to pick-up your meal delivery. 

Send us a video sharing the tricks and tips you’ve learned so far and you will be entered in a draw to win one of five $50 dollar gift cards. 

Recognize a R1

We know how challenging it can be to go from a clerk to a R1. So during August, we asked PARA members to nominate a R1 that is doing a SUPER fantastic job!  Nominees received a $25 gift card for Starbucks, Tim Hortons, or Made by Marcus from PARA.

Road Trip Recomendations
In September we asked members to share their favourite road trip! Whether an afternoon outside of the city to get an ice cream, a day trip to an unusual monument or a weekend away hiking. Participants were eentered into a draw for one of ten $50 virtual gift cards. 

Recognize a Resident Physician Mentor

In October we asked our R1s to nominate a resident physician mentor who has helped them through the first few months of training.  Each nominee a was gifted a$25 gift card for Starbucks, Tim Hortons, or Made by Marcus. There were a total of 60 gift cards available - 30 for the U of A and 30 for the U of C.

Food Recommendations

For November, we asked about your favourite foods during the work day or night. We wanted recommendations for the best food options for meals or snacks during a busy work shift.
Whether it’s a local restaurant with really good delivery, a spot in or near a clinic or your sneaky hack for hospital snacks we were looking for late night, quick, healthy, vegetarian, vegan and rural specific options.

Participants were entered into a draw for one of 20 $25.00 digital gift cards either for a local restaurant or food delivery service!

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