Objective: To improve resident physician well-being by recognizing and rewarding outstanding resident physicians who make exceptional contributions in their academic field while still maintaining their work/life balance.

Eligibility: All resident physicians can be nominated, except PARA Executive Board and Nomination and Awards Committee members. Nominations can be submitted by fellow resident physicians, work colleagues and anyone who finds the recipient worthy of recognition; however, at least one of the nominators must be a resident physician.

Nominees: The PARA Resident Physician of the Month nominee should be a resident physician who exemplifies a balanced lifestyle and well-being. They should be noteworthy in one or many of the following areas: academic accomplishments, research activities, social events, family life, athletic life, athletic pursuits, and or community involvement and humanitarian service. Feel free to include any particular event or patient/co-worker interaction that made this person stand out as exemplary; a brief biography would also be helpful (place of birth, academic/personal history, etc.).

Selection: When required, selection is through the PARA Nomination and Awards Committee.

Award: Letter of Recognition, certificate, and award valued at approximately $150 (excluding postage).

Nominate someone you know to be the next Resident Physician of the Month!


If more than one nominator, at least one must be a resident physician
Name of the resident physician you are nominating
Please describe the reasons you are nominating this resident physician, including any academic or extra-curricular activities you see as pertinent to the resident physician nominee who exemplifies a balanced lifestyle and well-being (min. 200 words).