• Rural resident physicians are generally unable to participate in PARA social events due to travel distance and expense.
  • Rural resident physicians represent a small number of the total resident physicians in Alberta who are distributed in smaller towns and cities throughout Alberta, thus making it difficult to schedule social and wellness events.
  • To support rural resident physician social and well-being activities, PARA has allocated funds to support resident physician-initiated events.

Budget and Money Allocation:

  • The total budget for this program is $4,000 ($2,000 RAN; $2,000 RAS)
  • The recommended ask for event funding is between $10-$20 for each resident physician who attends the event, to a maximum of $500 per event. This amount is based on current funding practices for general PARA events.
  • Applications will be reviewed for approval by PARA’s Vice President of Community & Internal Relations and the PARA office, with consultation from the CWC, as required.
  • Approved funding will be provided through the reimbursement of original receipts submitted by the event coordinator. 

Event Details:

  • Rural well-being events should be open to and considerate of all resident physicians.
  • Rural well-being events must be completely inclusive, i.e. all resident physicians are to be invited to participate, although the event can be tailored to suit a specific program or group where justified.
  • Rural well-being events should be located outside of the greater Edmonton and Calgary areas.
  • Event planners are encouraged to keep resident physician well-being goals in mind; the application for funding will require a description of how the event achieves these goals. 
  • Any event that PARA currently supports in Edmonton and Calgary can be duplicated outside of these two centres for rural resident physicians.
  • Funds will not be used for competition, evaluation or recognition of individual resident physicians’ success or accomplishments.
  • PARA encourages inclusion of resident physicians’ significant others.

Application Details:

  • Applications will be accepted at any time during the academic year and will be considered until all funds for that academic year have been allocated.
  • Except in exceptional circumstances, applications will not be accepted after an event has taken place.
  • Applications should be submitted using the form below

Post-Event Requirement:

  • After a funded event is complete, the event organizer will submit a summary of the event and its well-being outcomes using the Post-Event Summary Form
  • Receipts will not be reimbursed without submission of the Summary Form.
  • Submission of pictures from events is strongly encouraged.

Apply for Funding

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*You may be asked to provide a detailed budget for this event.