Dr. Pauwlina Cyca

About Dr. Pauwlina Cyca

Dr. Pauwlina Cyca is currently a second-year family medicine resident physician at the University of Calgary (U of C). Before entering medicine, she worked as a pharmacist and a researcher. Advocacy has been integral to each stage of her career, learning and evolution as a clinician. Seeking ways to influence and effect positive systemic change, she felt the need to be part of the system that advocates in the space.

Pauwlina first joined the PARA Assembly as one of the U of C Family Medicine Program delegates and participated in the Leadership & Education Committee and the Negotiation Committee. Now, as the PARA President, she aims to bring a collaborative and pragmatic approach to having PARA recognized and invited to tables where change decisions are made.

Outside of medicine, Pauwlina enjoys camping with her three children and prior to residency training, participated in training and racing triathlons.

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