Dr. Stephanie Gibbon

About Dr. Stephanie Gibbon

Dr. Stephanie Gibbon is an Orthopaedic Surgery resident at the University of Calgary and is excited to serve as the Vice President of the Leadership and Education Committee.

She says that, “as physicians we hold a large space within the medical community. Optimizing non-clinical skills is essential to the success of individuals and the medical community. The Leadership and Education role exemplifies and aligns with my value of being a well-rounded clinician and in this role, I hope to help facilitate the same for other resident physicians.”

Her aim as VPLE is to align Royal College goals and activities of transition to practice and collaborate with other provincial resident physician governing bodies to enhance a cohesive, engaging and meaningful program for individuals transitioning out of the safety of residency and into practice.

Outside of residency, Stephanie enjoys wine pairing, weightlifting, gravel biking, fly fishing and spending time outdoors with her friends and family.

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