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Acts of Kindness 2022

Acts of Kindness Initiative begins January 2022.

PARA is renewing the Acts of Kindness initiative during the month of January, 2022. Throughout January we are  asking resident physicians to perform small acts of kindness in the workplace. To support the initiative, PARA will reimburse you for up to $30 for the supplies you need to make your act of kindness a reality. Your act of kindness can be performed for anyone in the workplace, including your allied health staff.

Here are a few ideas from the Community and Wellbeing Committee:

  • purchasing coffee for a co-worker
  • furnishing the resident physician lounge with some plants
  • buying a box of cards to write and send encouraging notes
  • purchasing a wellness item for the resident physician lounge such as adult colouring books and pens
  • build a call survival kit including popcorn, a power bar, a pack of gum or mints and a sleep mask for a colleague 
  • make and send a care package for a colleague that is currently isolating 

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Send an email to Robin Raworth prior to making purchases. The email should include:
    • one or two sentences describing of the Act of Kindness
    • your first and last name, email address and university
    • let us know if PARA has permission to share the story/quote/photo on social media 
  2. Once we’ve received your information, we’ll send you a confirmation. To ensure funding availability please email PARA prior to making purchases.
  3.  Once you have made the purchase, send the receipt to Robin Raworth for EFT reimbursement. Purchases will be approved/reimbursed during PARA office hours: Monday-Friday 0800-1600.
  4.  PARA will share the act on social media to encourage more resident physicians to participate.  No personal information will be included in the posts.

PARA has funding for approximately 65 Acts of Kindness. We will post updates on the PARA website and on social media when we have reached our maximum. Funding is limited so each individual resident physician is limited to one $30 reimbursement. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Robin Raworth .