Dr. Michael Taylor

About Dr. Michael Taylor

Dr. Michael Taylor is a PGY3 in Emergency Medicine at the University of Alberta. He is a graduate of the University of Alberta’s combined MD/MBA program with a background in health systems and quality improvement research. As a current residency program committee member, past MD curriculum representative, previous SIM coordinator and previous music teacher, Dr. Taylor has developed a passion for leadership and education in various ways.  Dr. Taylor sought out an executive position with PARA because like many of you, he wants to be informed. He strongly believes that information can be our most important tool to enact change and improve the lives of those around us. Dr. Taylor hopes to work closely with the Leadership & Education Committee to champion general and specific advocacy that is relevant to the dynamic, systemic needs of all PARA members. Moreover, he plans to advocate both internally and publicly for continued collective efforts in whatever way that he can. Outside of PARA business / clinical duties, he enjoys good food, scenic views, campfires, lake life, skiing and making time for family or friends far and wide. 

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