Dr. Brandy Love

About Dr. Brandy Love

Dr. Brandy Love is currently a resident physician in Adult Neurology at the U of A. Concerned over an issue faced by a fellow resident physician; she was encouraged to run for a PARA Executive position to help make positive changes. She describes being a resident physician as a balancing act “learning about medicine and our communities and developing our professional selves, while navigating challenging waters of the culture of medicine, politics and the realities (and joys!) of our own lives,” and is committed to ensuring her fellow resident physicians have what they need to thrive.

With already nearly 20 years’ career experience in health care in the Edmonton area, Dr. Love brings a wealth of knowledge, relationships and understanding to the ENAA position that will help ensure that the needs and voice of resident physicians are heard. “I really believe my experience helps me see "the forest for the trees" when it comes to health care leadership,“ she explains. In her new position, she looks forward to listening to resident physicians and representing them at forums within the northern half of the province.

Outside of work, Dr. Love describes herself as a complete nerd who really, really, really loves neurology and can’t imagine doing anything else in medicine. She invites anyone who “wants to sit around and localize the lesion” to give her a shout!

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